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When we engage in intense exercise, our glutamine levels can become depleted due to increased demand and usage by the muscles. This is where glutamine supplements can play a role in helping to maintain adequate levels.

  • Eco-friendly
  • Charges Body
  • Good Quality Materials
  • Power Source

All-rounded Growth

Glutamine serves as a building block for protein synthesis, contributing to the growth and maintenance of lean muscle mass. By supplementing with glutamine, individuals can ensure that their bodies have an adequate supply of this amino acid, facilitating optimal muscle repair and growth.

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About Product

Glutamine serves as fuel for the immune system and aids in the maintenance of proper intestinal function. The immune system relies on glutamine as an energy source, and a deficiency in this amino acid can weaken the immune response. By supplementing with glutamine, individuals can support their immune system's function and potentially reduce the risk of infections and illnesses, particularly during periods of intense physical activity or training.

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