Healthfarm Hydro Gain 5KG, 11lbs

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Get a Massive Caloric Boost with Every Serving: 458.77 High-Calories!

Our 125g serving scoop is packed with an impressive 458.77 calories, specially designed to meet the needs of underweight individuals, those seeking to build muscle, or dedicated weightlifters. This exceptional mass gainer supplement in India is precisely what you need to fulfill your daily caloric requirements and achieve that enviable, muscular physique.

  • Eco-friendly
  • Charges Body
  • Quality Materials
  • Powerful Growth


Say goodbye to a slim or skinny body with our revolutionary mass gainer or weight gainer. Packed with 136 carbs, 84g protein, and 18g BCAA, it is specifically formulated to enhance muscle mass, eliminate muscle soreness, repair damaged muscles, and serve as a vital energy source for your body. If you struggle with being slim or skinny, hydrogain is the perfect solution to manage your weight in a healthy and sustainable manner.

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  • Each scoop contains 85 grams of high-quality proteins and 134 grams of carbohydrates.
  • A single serving provides 85 grams of protein, along with approximately 18 grams of BCAA and 15 grams of Glutamine.
  • Each serving contains 2.61 grams of L-Leucine and is lactose-free.
  • Perfect for combining with other ingredients that support size growth.
  • Our formula delivers a significantly higher amount of protein per scoop compared to other products, ensuring effective results.

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Weight 5 kg



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