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GNC Pro Performance Essential Amino Complete

Brand: GNC

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GNC Pro Performance Essential Amino Complete is your ultimate workout companion. Packed with 10g of all nine essential amino acids, it's designed to combat fatigue and keep you going strong. The 5g of BCAAs in the perfect 2:1:1 ratio kickstart muscle recovery, while super-potent amino acids activate new muscle growth. Say goodbye to exhaustion and hello to faster recovery, thanks to the rapid absorption of amino acids. Plus, with 100mg of caffeine for increased blood flow and 2mg of Vitamin B6 to replenish lost nutrients, this supplement boosts strength, endurance, focus, and prevents muscle dehydration and cramps.
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Elevate your workout with GNC's EAA powder. It's not just about providing your muscles with essential amino acids; it's about optimizing your performance. This supplement boasts 100mg of caffeine to enhance blood flow, giving your muscles a boost in strength and endurance while keeping your focus sharp. Furthermore, the inclusion of 2mg of Vitamin B6 and 220mg of potassium ensures that your body stays replenished and ready to tackle even the most demanding workouts, preventing muscle dehydration and cramps. GNC Pro Performance Essential Amino Complete is the key to unlocking your full potential in the gym.
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When it comes to building muscle and pushing your limits, GNC Pro Performance Essential Amino Complete is a game-changer. This powerful formula delivers a rich amino profile, ensuring your muscles have the essential building blocks they need to thrive. With the ideal 2:1:1 ratio of BCAAs, it kickstarts muscle recovery and promotes massive muscle expansion. Additionally, the quick absorption of amino acids means faster recovery, allowing you to maximize your workout potential without the hindrance of fatigue.

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