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GNC AMP Pure Isolate is the ultimate protein choice for fitness enthusiasts. Packed with 25g of protein and 6g of BCAAs, this low-carb formula in delicious Chocolate Frosting flavor is a game-changer. It doesn't just fuel lean muscles and reduce fatigue but also boosts athletic performance, thanks to the inclusion of 1.7g of Creatine building blocks and 19.6g of muscle-supporting amino acids. Plus, it's formulated in the USA, ensuring quality you can trust.
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When it comes to purity and effectiveness, GNC AMP Pure Isolate stands out. This 4 lbs container provides 60 servings of ultra-clean whey protein. What sets it apart is the rigorous 20-step process that refines it to perfection. Not only does it help you build lean muscles and speed up recovery, but it's also easy on your digestion, thanks to DigeZyme. And the best part? It contains zero added sugar, making it perfect for those health-conscious individuals.
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GNC AMP Pure Isolate is your partner in achieving peak performance. Whether you're an athlete or simply committed to a healthier lifestyle, this whey protein is tailored for you. With its low-carb, high-protein formula, it supports muscle growth, reduces fatigue, and enhances athletic capacity. Plus, it's the ideal choice for post-workout recovery, thanks to its rapid absorption and muscle repair properties. Say goodbye to added sugars and hello to your fitness goals with GNC AMP Pure Isolate.

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